“I’ve been using Good Gut for a few months now and my digestion is better than ever.”

Hi, my name is Mariana and I’m 29 years old. Here’s my story about how I healed my gut issues after years of slow digestion. 

With Good Gut, my digestion is better than ever

Looking back, I always had poor digestion. I rarely went to the bathroom every day, but I didn’t think much of it at that point. I thought that everyone is different, and that was just something normal for me. 

I didn’t really know what good digestion was supposed to look like or why it even mattered. The only time I was concerned was before a period. I guess that was the worst as I was constipated for the whole week and by the end of that week, I couldn’t even zip up my trousers. 

My digestive issues became a real burden for my overall health

My mindset completely changed after I had an abdominal surgery when I was 28. It wasn’t anything related to my digestive system, but I guess the stress of it all really messed up my gut even more. I couldn’t go to the bathroom for over a week despite taking laxatives. And when I finally went, it was so painful!

That’s when my digestive issues became a real burden. Painful and irregular bowel movements were my new normal, and I was constantly gassy and bloated. It was so hard for me to even leave the house, cause I really didn’t feel like putting nicer clothes on. I preferred being at least somewhat comfortable in my joggers at home.

Of course, I tried changing my diet. I followed one that was specifically designed for gut health. I drank kefir, kombucha, ate a lot of veggies.  But honestly, I didn’t see much difference. And now it wasn’t just my gut that was suffering. My skin  was worse than ever, and I had zits all over my chin and cheeks no matter the expensive skincare I was using.

And I had these repeated colds with coughs that lasted for weeks. I caught every virus that came my way. It was exhausting! Finally, after 6 months of agony, I visited my doctor. I couldn’t live like this anymore.

My doctor recommended high-quality probiotics

My doctor pretty much told me my gut balance was off, and this was causing everything that I was struggling with. Slow digestion, constipation, bloating, even zits and a weaker immune system were symptoms of this gut imbalance. 

He thought it might be best if I tried some probiotics to restore the balance. I thought I was already adding enough of those by drinking kefir every day, but he believed a more targeted approach would be way better. He said I should choose a supplement with various strains of probiotics and that I should also be on the lookout for those that contain prebiotics

I didn’t exactly know what that meant so I went into full research mode. I read so many articles about different strains and what they do, how delicate they are, the recommended amount... But I didn’t find any supplements that fit all the criteria. 

But then I was scrolling through Instagram and came across TummyTox’s probiotics, Good Gut. I saw the supplement contained 11 probiotic strains plus prebiotics, and I was sold immediately. I bought two jars the same day! 

Now I’m finally free from all the gut discomfort 

After taking Good Gut for about three weeks, I noticed a significant improvement. I was much less bloated and gassy, and despite it being a week before my period, I was regular every day. It was such a relief. 

I’ve been using Good Gut for a few months now and my digestion is better than ever.  Even my skin cleared up and I haven’t been ill since I started taking Good Gut probiotics. I also feel like my overall health is back on track. I didn’t even have a runny nose in the past months! 

To be fair, I thought I was just born with poor digestion and would have to live with it forever. I’m so happy now that I’m finally free from constipation and all the pain. And to think I only needed good quality probiotics like Good Gut. 

I’m wearing all my tight-fitted dresses again and I don’t even think about bloating anymore when I go out with friends. It’s such a freeing feeling. I already recommended Good Gut to all my friends, that’s how much I love it!  

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