Assunta is now back in shape thanks to TummyTox!

Assunta is a mother and owner of a paint shop and, although she has never had any major problems with being overweight, after giving birth she found it difficult to get rid of the extra kilos accumulated during the pregnancy, but above all to get rid of the bloating that plagued her every day from the early hours of the morning.

But after giving the TummyTox products a chance, she was able to get back in shape and feel beautiful again, and now she has no intention of giving them up!


Swelling: a problem that tormented Assunta from the early hours of the day!

Assunta told us that, after her pregnancy, she was not only unable to get rid of the extra 5 kilos* she had accumulated during the 9 months of pregnancy, but also had to struggle with a constant feeling of bloating in her abdomen, which started as soon as she got out of bed.

Being constantly in this state, led her to lose a lot of self-esteem: every time she looked in the mirror she found it hard to recognise herself, and she ended up wearing loose clothes that hid her belly, in which she did not feel comfortable at all. For Assunta, feeling as beautiful as she did before her pregnancy seemed impossible!

But an unexpected ally has popped up: TummyTox!

One day, while surfing the Internet, Assunta discovered TummyTox by pure chance and, attracted by the all-natural ingredients, the ease of use of the products, the many positive reviews that inspired her confidence and the incredibly affordable price, she decided to give them a chance.

The first visible change? After just 1 week*!

The first improvement Assunta noticed was a clear reduction in bloating after the first week*, followed by the loss of all the excess weight over the next 2 months*, during which she combined the products with some diet and exercise. In addition, she has noticed a marked decrease in her appetite, so she can now manage her hunger attacks much better and they have become less frequent.

Waking up without the unpleasant feeling of bloating gave Assunta the energy and motivation she needed to continue with the TummyTox products, and she is now able to follow a 1,100 calorie a day diet without too many problems, and even drink more!


Assunta now feels beautiful and fit again!

Integrating TummyTox products into her daily routine has helped Assunta to regain the shape she lost during pregnancy, to have a flat tummy again, to get rid of excess fat (especially abdominal fat) and to have a more toned bottom. She now feels fit, slim, toned, beautiful and attractive again!

Moreover, she was so satisfied that she now recommends TummyTox to all her friends and acquaintances and has no intention of giving up her favourite products, which have now become an integral part of her daily life.

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*The effects of the product may vary from person to person and may differ from those indicated on the website.

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