Tereza: "I wish every girl felt like I feel now!"

Tereza is a 23-year-old deputy manager. A stressful work-life, mood swings and unhealthy habits led her to start disliking herself and her body... Until she decided to make a change!


"Before I began my transformation, I didn't like my body at all. Overall, I knew I needed a change. And I was determined to go for it!"

The biggest problem was the partying and the alcohol: "My excuse was always: I'll burn the calories on the dancefloor and I won't eat tomorrow... Well, it clearly wasn't working."

"I knew I wanted a change"

Tereza went through a rough patch where she didn't like herself and felt her partner didn't like her either. She lacked confidence, felt mentally unwell, was constantly annoyed with herself and it had an effect on her work and personal life: "I started paying attention at that point. The unhealthy lifestyle, the partying, the alcohol..." She finally decided she wanted to be healthier and slimmer: "I stood in front of my mirror and I said: enough!"

She didn't believe it at first but tried it anyway...

"Without confidence, it's hard to feel good as a girl. I didn't look healthy, I didn't look like myself. But then I found TummyTox. I saw ads all over social media and even some girls I followed started recommending it. I thought why not, I have nothing to lose. I've already invested a lot of money in my weight-loss journey and I didn't mind spending a bit more. I didn't fully believe it would work, but I wanted to try it anyway..."

"I was excited as I browsed the store and read the product descriptions. The products were natural and there seemed to be a lot of satisfied girls featured."

Tereza tried our favourite tea duo and was excited

"I drank Daily Kick Tea instead of coffee in the morning. I switched coffee for tea and I can say it was a good choice. I had more energy all day long, I felt great. In the evening, I drank Sleep Tight Tea, because it helps cleanse and regenerate the body and burn calories while we sleep. Thanks to its natural composition, I sleep like a baby. And I can say that I woke up feeling well-rested and in a good mood."

The first effects came quickly

"After a week of sticking to a non-strict diet, I lost 2* kg. The weight went down rapidly. I was very surprised because I had been dieting for a whole month beforehand and didn't manage to drop a gram. This motivated me to keep going... I also wanted to try other products. I've tried a lot now and I've always been satisfied and returned for more."

Tereza's transformation has her feeling on top of the world

"I feel light, healthy and most importantly, full of energy. I've been recommending TummyTox to everyone around me. I feel fresh, healthy and slim. I'm finally myself again. The old Tereza, with confidence to spare. I can't get enough of seeing myself in the mirror!"

"I wish every girl could feel like I do now. I'm finally happy in my skin. I don't have to force myself to exercise or diet. No drastic dietary changes, no feelings of frustration. I treat myself whenever I like, I exercise regularly  and I'm still using TummyTox products because I find them amazing."

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a  balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.

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