Vladimíra lost 15* kg and dropped from size L* to size S*

Vladimíra is 42 years old and has a sedentary job in administration. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the cinema and hiking. Lockdown snacking and a lack of exercise ruined her ongoing weight-loss attempts, making her feel unhappy and unattractive. Here's how TummyTox helped her regain the motivation and drop an incredible 15* kg!

Vladimíra's weight-loss journey began a few years ago when she started seeing a nutrition specialist and changed her diet: "Like a lot of women, I wasn't happy with the way I looked. Before the pandemic, I was seeing a dietician and spent quite a lot of money on various supplements and weight-loss products, but it had no significant effect. At the most, I think I lost about 4* kg. I felt unattractive, I wasn't happy with myself."

Vladimira's Testimonial

Kicking the Covid kilos - with TummyTox

For Vladimíra, the lockdown was a time of unhealthy treats, weekend drinks, and a lack of exercise, which affected her figure. It was when she decided to kick the Covid kilos and get back on track with her weight loss that she discovered TummyTox.

"I was deciding between TummyTox and another brand. I ended up choosing TummyTox because of its wide range, natural ingredients, and ease of use. The price was also more interesting, and there's even the option to subscribe, so I don't run out of my favourite products."

Did you know...?

TummyTox subscriptions are easy, convenient and affordable – and they come with great perks:

  • Get REGULAR DELIVERIES of your favourite products
  • Get a FREE GIFT with every recurring delivery!

All you have to do is select the subscription option before adding your products to the cart and enjoy the benefits!

Vladimíra started out with Booty Tone, My Skinny Tea, and Slim Tummy Caps and soon discovered additional favourites like Shape Me Shake and Collagen Drink – with great results.

"I started at 75* kg, and now I'm down to 60* kg!"

With the help of TummyTox, Vladimíra beat her constant desire to eat, and after about 1* month, she noticed the first results. "The change was visible on my face, I lost weight and centimetres off my waist, thighs, and hips." Fast forward a few months, and she's made fantastic progress: "I started at 75* kg, which is quite a lot at 158 cm, and now I'm down to 60* kg."

Even though people around her noticed the difference and praised her for her commitment, it wasn't until her clothes started to feel loose that Vladimíra really allowed herself to believe in the transformation. "I had a jacket that used to be tight around the stomach, and now there's room left. I also used to love wearing jeggings, and now they were looser around the butt and thighs. This made it clear to me that things really have changed."

Before & After

A whole new look: "I used to wear size L* – now I can even wear size S* sometimes!"

The biggest change Vladimíra has experienced during her weight-loss journey is that she feels happier and has more energy. She's also thrilled with her new look: "I used to wear size L*, but now I buy size M* t-shirts and can even wear size S* sometimes, which is very flattering."

To achieve her amazing results, Vladimíra combined TummyTox with her clean and healthy eating habits from before the pandemic and added a bit of exercise: "Weight loss and exercise go hand in hand – I've been going to the gym two times a week, so far, and I've also done some cycling and aerobics."

Shape Me Shake – a yummy way to lose weight!

One of Vladimíra's favourite products is the Shape Me Shake – a delicious protein shake that helps shape the body and speed up post-workout regeneration. "After working out at the gym, I like to make myself a Shape My Shake with hazelnut flavour. I mix it with milk, it's absolutely divine, yummy!"

Vladimíra highly recommends TummyTox to everyone on the lookout for quality weight loss supplements: "TummyTox offers a wide range of products, fast delivery, discount coupons for your next purchase and reminders, so you don't run out of your favourite products. They're also very helpful in dealing with any complaints or issues. I would definitely go for it; it's a great help to get started!"

Ready to shake up your weight loss journey?

Vladimíra's favourite product – the tasty Shape Me Shake – helps shape your body and speed up post-workout regeneration. It also works great as a yummy low-calorie snack in between meals:

  • With 16 g of protein and 5 g of dietary fibre to keep you full for hours
  • With whey protein, hyaluronic acid, Q10, and 11 vitamins to make you look and feel your BEST
  • With green coffee extract and L-carnitine to block sugar absorption, burn fat and boost weight loss
  • With a delicious hazelnut taste and only 105 calories per portion

Get Shape Me Shake at a special price today – for a yummy start to your weight loss journey!

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.

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