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Ultra Booty Bundle

4-i-1 Complete Booty Pack!

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Contents: 1x Ultra Booty Bundle 0 none/0 days

Ultra Booty Bundle

4-i-1 Complete Booty Pack!

Build your booty, tone your legs and shape your thighs with an exercise band made from a special fabric that won’t stretch out of shape. Now let’s go change our workout routines forever!

With the fantastic resistance band - Booty Band get a FREE 4-week booty building e-book!

  • The material is so comfy you can use it on bare skin
  • It won’t slip, slide or roll thanks to a wider design and inner rubber grips
  • Intermediate resistance – great for all levels of booty building
  • Perfect for you if you can’t or don't want to use weights
  • Designed booty band exercises for buttocks and hips prepared by our personal trainer

Includes Booty Band, Online Booty Gym, The Booty Builder E-book + Body Type Diet Plan

Contents: 1x Ultra Booty Bundle 0 none/0 days

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#TummyTox girls love Booty Band!

The superstar of resistance bands!

You know how some girls look amazing in leggings? All those Insta models snapping perfect pics of their booties? Now you know their secret: resistance bands! But some bands are better than others...

Booty Band is thick, durable and wide (7.5 cm) so it won’t roll or slip up and down your legs like regular exercise bands! It feels soft and comfortable on the skin and you can pack it with you wherever you go!

It’s made of elastic fibres and high-quality cotton so it will keep its shape. You can wash it in cool water to always keep it fresh!

Let's get in shape!

Booty Band

Care: Hand wash in cold water. Air dry away from direct sunlight.

Get free access to exercise videos with every purchase!

Our expert personal trainer, Kristina Drole, prepared these exclusive videos to help you get the most out of our exercise band! 8 simple and effective exercises that will cover it all: your coregluteslegs and arms. It’s time to get into the best shape of your life!