Magnesium - An Essential Mineral

Each one of us needs Magnesium. This vital mineral which is found in our bones, muscle cells and blood cannot be produced by our bodies. We need to ge …

Luana: "I lost 5* kg in a month!"

This is Luana's story. She's a beautiful girl who, with a little help from TummyTox, managed to transform not only her physique, but also her relationship with herself and with those around her.

Mariarita: "I feel reborn!"

Mariarita is a beautiful 26-year-old student. For a long time, she suffered from excess weight caused by water retention and excessive yo-yo dieting, reaching her highest weight of 88 kg at just 21 years old.

Jelena: "I've lost several kilos and I am very happy"

Jelena is a 25-year-old Croatian young woman, fresh out of university. Because of the stress caused by studying periods, Jelena has added extra weight, kilo after kilo, during all those periods. And sadly, she hasn't been able to get that weight off.

The secret to slimming - These women adore TummyTox teas!

We've heard so many exciting stories from our TummyTox tea lovers that we can't resist cooking up a blend – these girls have lost a lot of weight by burning more fat and boosting their metabolism.

Keep gaining weight? Blame excess oestrogen!

If weight gain, accumulated fat in your hips, thighs and buttock, problems sleeping, difficulties managing stress and bloating are some of your regular struggles, you’ll be glad to find out you can do something about it!